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Abscess tarimas:

  • /'æbsis/

Žodžio paaiškinimas anglų kalba:

  • noun: A localized collection of pus in part of the body, formed by tissue disintegration and surrounded by an inflamed area.
  • verb-intransitive: To form an abscess.

Angliško žodžio naudojimo pavyzdys:

  • An abscess may form between the vertebræ and the wall of the pharynx -- _retro-pharyngeal abscess_ -- the pus accumulating between the diseased bones and the prevertebral layer of the cervical fascia.
  • DESCRIPTION: The term abscess is a general one used for a localized inflammation and accumulation of yellow, white, or green pus.
  • An abscess is a collection of infected fluid (pus).
  • Along with those possibilities, I would allow “brain abscess” as not implausible.
  • However, brain abscess as a complication of stroke has never been reported.

Lietuviškos reikšmės:

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