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Anglų - Lietuvių žodynas

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After tarimas:

  • /'ɑ:ftə/

After audio:

Žodžio paaiškinimas anglų kalba:

  • preposition: Behind in place or order: Z comes after Y in the alphabet.
  • preposition: Next to or lower than in order or importance.
  • preposition: In quest or pursuit of: seek after fame; go after big money.
  • preposition: Concerning: asked after you.
  • preposition: Subsequent in time to; at a later time than: come after dinner.
  • preposition: Subsequent to and because of or regardless of: They are still friends after all their differences.
  • preposition: Following continually: year after year.
  • preposition: In the style of or in imitation of: satires after Horace.
  • preposition: With the same or close to the same name as; in honor or commemoration of: named after her mother.
  • preposition: According to the nature or desires of; in conformity to: a tenor after my own heart.
  • preposition: Past the hour of: five minutes after three.
  • preposition: Irish Used with a present participle to indicate action that has just been completed: "Sure I'm after seeing him not five minutes ago” ( James Joyce).
  • adverb: Behind; in the rear.
  • adverb: At a later or subsequent time; afterward: three hours after; departed shortly after.
  • adjective: Subsequent in time or place; later; following: in after years.
  • adjective: Located near the stern of a vessel or the rear or an aircraft or spacecraft.
  • conjunction: Following or subsequent to the time that: I saw them after I arrived.
  • noun: Afternoon.
  • noun: Chiefly British Dessert.
  • idiom: after all In spite of everything to the contrary; nevertheless: We chose to take the train after all.
  • idiom: after all Everything else having been considered; ultimately: A car is after all a means of transportation.

Angliško žodžio naudojimo pavyzdys:

  • In this episode, three sisters one of which is criminally insane create trouble after the victims body is shown to have been mutilated *after*
  • Fuckem. marz hey did yall see the last easter egg after the credits..after the one with stryker getting arrested..after showing him in the japanese bar..and after the one where deadpool grabs his own head..they showed the the final easter egg: the actual movie COMPLETED!
  • So, ASC, being a profit-motivated organization and not, in reality, violating any laws after all, military-grade hardware was added *after* the airframes arrived on Hera, continued to sell Fireflies to our friends at the FFSW on Hera right up until the plant was destroyed in the war.
  • People often forget that a language area, even after fracturing into mutually incomprehensible or almost incomprehensible dialects, can still disseminate new features developed *after* the dissolution of the language.
  • The unanimous decision by the Massachusetts Board of Pharmacy comes two weeks after three women sued Wal-Mart in state court for failing to carry the so called ` ` morning after\'\ 'pill in its Wal-Mart and Sam\'s Club stores in the state.

Lietuviškos reikšmės:

    cj po to, kai
    adv, prp (vietos atžvilgiu) po, užpakalyje
    the man was close after him vyras sekė įkandin jo
    (laiko atžvilgiu) po (to), vėliau, paskui
    after dinner po pietų
    after tomorrow poryt
    after the latest fashion pagal pask
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