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Afterglow tarimas:

  • /'ɑ:ftəglou/

Afterglow audio:

Žodžio paaiškinimas anglų kalba:

  • noun: the glow seen in the sky after sunset
  • noun: the light emitted by an incandescent object while cooling
  • noun: the light emitted by a phosphor after excitation
  • noun: the mildly euphoric feeling experienced after a pleasurable experience, especially after an orgasm or drug-induced high.

Angliško žodžio naudojimo pavyzdys:

  • If Ronald Reagan was still President we would have already nuked this guy and walked hand in hand into the nuclear blast after-glow with the Israeli President. annie against biased news
  • Both Cristina Gallardo-Domas and Amanda Squitieri gave off an idealized, romantic after-glow as the respective wives.
  • We are sharing our citrus treasures with our co-workers (albeit miserly) and basking in the after-glow of California Sunshine.
  • She is currently basking in the recital after-glow.
  • Sweeping the floor or doing the dishes, the after-glow of a good party is just delicious.

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