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Aggrandize tarimas:

  • /ə'grændaiz/

Aggrandize audio:

Žodžio paaiškinimas anglų kalba:

  • verb-transitive: To increase the scope of; extend.
  • verb-transitive: To make greater in power, influence, stature, or reputation.
  • verb-transitive: To make appear greater; exaggerate: aggrandize one argument while belittling another.

Angliško žodžio naudojimo pavyzdys:

  • Re: Frederic Wakeman's review of China Men [NYR, August 14]: I did not write the myths to "aggrandize" my family and other Chinese Americans by connecting us to the high culture of China.
  • Ill-fare malefits do not 'benefit the poor' at the expense of the rich; they aggrandize the power-seeker at the expense of those who value freedom-from-aggression.
  • Much easier for two elites to unite on their true common ground: aggrandize their own money and power, and the populations they rule take the hindmost.
  • But using the authority of "God" to justify unjust acts and to aggrandize personal power has lead to today's state, where the very word "God" has become a subject of debate, rather than a transcendent authority for good.
  • But not only does he disaggregate the issue, he, along with others failed to aggrandize the issue.

Lietuviškos reikšmės:

    v (pa)didinti
    (pa)kelti (apie rangą)
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