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Anglų lietuvių žodynas. Žodis barb reiškia n 1) (varpos) akuotas; 2) dyglys; 3) strėlės antgalis lietuviškai.

Barb tarimas:

  • /bɑ:b/

Barb audio:

Žodžio paaiškinimas anglų kalba:

  • noun: A sharp point projecting in reverse direction to the main point of a weapon or tool, as on an arrow or fishhook.
  • noun: A cutting remark.
  • noun: Zoology One of the parallel filaments projecting from the main shaft of a feather.
  • noun: Botany A short, sharply hooked bristle or hairlike projection.
  • noun: See barbel1.
  • noun: Any of various Old World freshwater fishes of the genus Barbus or Puntius and related genera.
  • noun: A linen covering for a woman's head, throat, and chin worn in medieval times.
  • verb-transitive: To provide or furnish with a barb.
  • noun: A horse of a breed introduced by the Moors into Spain from northern Africa that resembles the Arabians and is known for its speed and endurance.
  • noun: One of a breed of domestic pigeons that is similar to the carrier and has dark plumage.

Lietuviškos reikšmės:

  • (varpos) akuotas
  • dyglys
  • strėlės antgalis
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