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  • /di:l/

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Žodžio paaiškinimas anglų kalba:

  • verb-transitive: To give out as a share or portion; apportion.
  • verb-transitive: To distribute among several recipients. See Synonyms at distribute.
  • verb-transitive: To sell: deal prescriptions; deal cocaine.
  • verb-transitive: To administer; deliver: dealt him a blow to the stomach.
  • verb-transitive: Games To distribute (playing cards) among players.
  • verb-transitive: Games To give (a specific card) to a player while so distributing.
  • verb-intransitive: To be occupied or concerned: a book that deals with the Middle Ages.
  • verb-intransitive: To behave in a specified way toward another or others; have transactions: deal honestly with competitors.
  • verb-intransitive: To take action with respect to someone or something: The committee will deal with this complaint. See Synonyms at treat.
  • verb-intransitive: To do business; trade: dealing in diamonds.
  • verb-intransitive: Games To distribute playing cards.
  • verb-intransitive: Slang To buy and sell drugs, especially illegally.
  • verb-intransitive: Slang To cope: You've got no choice—just deal with it!
  • noun: The act or a round of apportioning or distributing.
  • noun: Games Distribution of playing cards.
  • noun: Games The cards so distributed; a hand.
  • noun: Games The right or turn of a player to distribute the cards.
  • noun: Games The playing of one hand.
  • noun: An indefinite quantity, extent, or degree: has a great deal of experience.
  • noun: An agreement often arranged secretly, as in business or politics.
  • noun: A business transaction.
  • noun: An agreement, especially one that is mutually beneficial. See Synonyms at bargain.
  • noun: Informal A sale favorable especially to the buyer; a bargain.
  • noun: Informal Treatment received: a raw deal; a fair deal.
  • noun: A fir or pine board cut to standard dimensions.
  • noun: Such boards or planks considered as a group.
  • noun: Fir or pine wood.

Lietuviškos reikšmės:

  • paskirstyti
  • elgtis
  • turėti reikalų
  • prekiauti
  • imtis priemonių
  • a great/good deal of daug
  • a great deal better ž
  • (dealt)
  • išdalyti (pvz., kortas)
  • kiekis
  • svarstyti
  • spręsti
  • to deal with a problemnagrinėti
  • spręsti klausimą
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