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Anglų lietuvių žodynas. Žodis favor reiškia 1. n 1) palankumas, malonė; simpatija; 2) nauda, interesas; in his favo(u)r jo naudai; in favo(u)r ofuž; naudai; 3) globa, užtarimas; 4) ženklelis; kaspinas; 5) suvenyras; 6) kom. laiškas;2. v 1) globoti, užtarti; 2) padėti; palaikyti; 3) būti palankiam lietuviškai.

Favor tarimas:

  • /'feivə/

Favor audio:

Žodžio paaiškinimas anglų kalba:

  • noun: A gracious, friendly, or obliging act that is freely granted: do someone a favor.
  • noun: Friendly or favorable regard; approval or support: won the favor of the monarch; looked with favor on the plan.
  • noun: A state of being held in such regard: a style currently in favor.
  • noun: Unfair partiality; favoritism.
  • noun: A privilege or concession.
  • noun: Sexual privileges, especially as granted by a woman.
  • noun: Something given as a token of love, affection, or remembrance.
  • noun: A small decorative gift given to each guest at a party.
  • noun: Advantage; benefit: sailed under favor of cloudless skies.
  • noun: Behalf; interest: an error in our favor.
  • noun: Obsolete A communication, especially a letter.
  • noun: Archaic Aspect or appearance.
  • noun: Archaic Countenance; face.
  • noun: Obsolete A facial feature.
  • verb-transitive: To perform a kindness or service for; oblige. See Synonyms at oblige.
  • verb-transitive: To treat or regard with friendship, approval, or support.
  • verb-transitive: To be partial to; indulge a liking for: favors bright colors.
  • verb-transitive: To be or tend to be in support of.
  • verb-transitive: To make easier or more possible; facilitate: Darkness favored their escape.
  • verb-transitive: To treat with care; be gentle with: favored my wounded leg.
  • verb-transitive: Chiefly Southern U.S. To resemble in appearance: She favors her father.
  • verb-intransitive: Chiefly Southern U.S. To resemble another in appearance: She and her father favor.
  • idiom: in favor of In support of; approving: We are in favor of her promotion to president.
  • idiom: in favor of To the advantage of: The court decided in favor of the plaintiff.
  • idiom: in favor of Inscribed or made out to the benefit of: a check in favor of a charity.

Lietuviškos reikšmės:

  • simpatija
  • in his favo(u)r jo naudai
  • in favo(u)r ofuž
  • naudai
  • ženklelis
  • kaspinas
  • suvenyras
  • laiškas
  • padėti
  • palaikyti
  • būti palankiam
  • nauda
  • interesas
  • globa
  • užtarimas
  • palankumas
  • malonė
  • globoti
  • užtarti
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