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Hard tarimas:

  • /hɑ:d/

Hard audio:

Žodžio paaiškinimas anglų kalba:

  • adjective: Resistant to pressure; not readily penetrated.
  • adjective: Physically toughened; rugged.
  • adjective: Mentally toughened; strong-minded.
  • adjective: Requiring great effort or endurance: a hard assignment.
  • adjective: Performed with or marked by great diligence or energy: a project that required years of hard work.
  • adjective: Difficult to resolve, accomplish, or finish: That was a hard question.
  • adjective: Difficult to understand or impart: Physics was the hardest of my courses. Thermodynamics is a hard course to teach.
  • adjective: Intense in force or degree: a hard blow.
  • adjective: Inclement: a long, hard winter.
  • adjective: Stern or strict in nature or comportment: a hard taskmaster.
  • adjective: Resistant to persuasion or appeal; obdurate.
  • adjective: Making few concessions: drives a hard bargain.
  • adjective: Difficult to endure: a hard life.
  • adjective: Oppressive or unjust in nature or effect: restrictions that were hard on welfare applicants.
  • adjective: Lacking compassion or sympathy; callous.
  • adjective: Harsh or severe in effect or intention: said some hard things that I won't forget.
  • adjective: Bitter; resentful: No hard feelings, I hope.
  • adjective: Causing damage or premature wear: Snow and ice are hard on a car's finish.
  • adjective: Bad; adverse: hard luck.
  • adjective: Proceeding or performing with force, vigor, or persistence; assiduous: a hard worker.
  • adjective: Real and unassailable: hard evidence.
  • adjective: Definite; firm: a hard commitment.
  • adjective: Close; penetrating: We need to take a hard look at the situation.
  • adjective: Free from illusion or bias; practical: brought some hard common sense to the discussion.
  • adjective: Using or based on data that are readily quantified or verified: the hard sciences.
  • adjective: Marked by sharp outline or definition; stark.
  • adjective: Lacking in delicacy, shading, or nuance.
  • adjective: Hard-core.
  • adjective: Being a turn in a specific direction at an angle more acute than other possible routes.
  • adjective: Metallic, as opposed to paper. Used of currency.
  • adjective: Backed by bullion rather than by credit. Used of currency.
  • adjective: High and stable. Used of prices.
  • adjective: Durable; lasting: hard merchandise.
  • adjective: Written or printed rather than stored in electronic media: sent the information by hard mail.
  • adjective: Erect; tumid. Used of a penis.
  • adjective: Having high alcoholic content; intoxicating: hard liquor.
  • adjective: Rendered alcoholic by fermentation; fermented: hard cider.
  • adjective: Containing dissolved salts that interfere with the lathering action of soap. Used of water.
  • adjective: Linguistics Velar, as in c in cake or g in log, as opposed to palatal or soft.
  • adjective: Physics Of relatively high energy; penetrating: hard x-rays.
  • adjective: High in gluten content: hard wheat.
  • adjective: Chemistry Resistant to biodegradation: a hard detergent.
  • adjective: Physically addictive. Used of certain illegal drugs, such as heroin.
  • adjective: Resistant to blast, heat, or radiation. Used especially of nuclear weapons.
  • adverb: With strenuous effort; intently: worked hard all day; stared hard at the accused criminal.
  • adverb: With great force, vigor, or energy: pressed hard on the lever.
  • adverb: In such a way as to cause great damage or hardship: industrial cities hit hard by unemployment.
  • adverb: With great distress, grief, or bitterness: took the divorce hard.
  • adverb: Firmly; securely: held hard to the railing.
  • adverb: Toward or into a solid condition: concrete that sets hard within a day.
  • adverb: Near in space or time; close: The factory stands hard by the railroad tracks.
  • adverb: Nautical Completely; fully: hard alee.
  • idiom: hard and fast Defined, fixed, and invariable: hard and fast rules.
  • idiom: hard of hearing Having a partial loss of hearing.
  • idiom: hard of hearing One who has a partial loss of hearing.
  • idiom: hard put Undergoing great difficulty: Under the circumstances, he was hard put to explain himself.
  • idiom: hard up Informal In need; poor.

Lietuviškos reikšmės:

  • tvirtas
  • sunkus (darbas, metas)
  • atšiaurus (klimatas)
  • hard and fast rules griežtos taisyklės
  • hard drink amer. svaiginamasis gėrimas
  • svaigalas
  • hard labour sunkieji darbai
  • stipr
  • kietas
  • to be hard up būti sunkioje padėtyje
  • stokoti
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