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Overhand tarimas:

  • /'ouvəhænd/

Overhand audio:

Žodžio paaiškinimas anglų kalba:

  • adjective: Executed with the hand brought forward and down from above the level of the shoulder: an overhand pitch; an overhand stroke.
  • adjective: Sewn with close, vertical stitches drawing two edges together, with each stitch passing over the seam formed by the edges.
  • adverb: In an overhand manner.
  • noun: An overhand throw, stroke, or delivery.
  • noun: An overhand stitch or seam.
  • verb-transitive: To sew with overhand stitches.

Angliško žodžio naudojimo pavyzdys:

  • I've never climbed anything on that wall -- the overhand is pretty severe and I am pretty heavy.
  • These are basically the same stitch, called overhand if it is perpendicular and whipping if it is slanted.
  • -- By far the greatest bulk of ore is broken overhand, that is broken upward from one level to the next above.
  • To escape the wrath of the hornets, Peter descended the tree "overhand," which being interpreted means that he dropped and caught the limbs as he went down so as to decrease the speed.
  • Regardless, I'm sure we can all agree that unless you've got a cat that likes to play with the roll, "overhand" is the only, correct, way to put in a roll of toilet paper. people could stand to do this.

Lietuviškos reikšmės:

    amer. = overarm adv, a
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