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Temple tarimas:

  • /'templ/

Temple audio:

Žodžio paaiškinimas anglų kalba:

  • noun: A building dedicated to religious ceremonies or worship.
  • noun: Either of two successive buildings in ancient Jerusalem serving as the primary center for Jewish worship.
  • noun: Judaism A synagogue, especially of a Reform congregation.
  • noun: Mormon Church A building in which the sacred ordinances are administered.
  • noun: Something regarded as having within it a divine presence.
  • noun: A building used for meetings by any of several fraternal orders, especially the Knights Templars.
  • noun: A building reserved for a highly valued function: the library, a temple of learning.
  • noun: Either of two groups of buildings in London, the Inner Temple and the Middle Temple, that house two of the four Inns of Court and that occupy the site of the medieval Knights Templars establishment.
  • noun: The flat region on either side of the forehead.
  • noun: Either of the sidepieces of a frame for eyeglasses that extends along the temple and over the ear.
  • noun: A device in a loom that keeps the cloth stretched to the correct width during weaving.

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