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Anglų lietuvių žodynas. Žodis what reiškia pron  kas?; koks?; kaip?; kiek?; what is it? kas tai?; what’s all this? kas čia yra/dedasi?; what are you doing? ką tu darai?; what is he? kas jis? (iš profesijos); what’s his name? kuo jis vardu?; what use is it? kokia iš to nauda?; what do you think? ka lietuviškai.

What tarimas:

  • /w t/

What audio:

Žodžio paaiškinimas anglų kalba:

  • pronoun: Which thing or which particular one of many: What are you having for dinner? What did she say?
  • pronoun: Which kind, character, or designation: What are these objects?
  • pronoun: One of how much value or significance: What are possessions to a dying man?
  • pronoun: That which; the thing that: Listen to what I tell you.
  • pronoun: Whatever thing that: come what may.
  • pronoun: Informal Something: I'll tell you what.
  • pronoun: Nonstandard Which, who, or that: It's the poor what gets the blame.
  • adjective: Which one or ones of several or many: What college are you attending? You should know what musical that song is from.
  • adjective: Whatever: They soon repaired what damage had been done.
  • adjective: How great; how astonishing: What a fool!
  • adverb: How much; in what respect; how: What does it matter?
  • conjunction: That: I don't know but what I'll go.
  • interjection: Used to express surprise, incredulity, or other strong and sudden excitement.
  • interjection: Chiefly British Used as a tag question, often to solicit agreement.
  • idiom: what for Informal A scolding or strong reprimand: The teacher gave the tardy student what for.
  • idiom: what have you What remains and need not be mentioned: a room full of chairs, lamps, radios, and what have you.
  • idiom: what if What would occur if; suppose that.
  • idiom: what if What does it matter if.
  • idiom: what it takes The necessary expertise or qualities needed for success: She has what it takes to be a doctor.
  • idiom: what's what Informal The fundamentals and details of a situation or process; the true state or condition.
  • idiom: what with Taking into consideration; because of: "I've often wondered why some good crime writer . . . hasn't taken up with New Orleans, what with its special raffishness, its peculiar flavor of bonhomie and a slightly suspect charm” ( Walker Percy).

Lietuviškos reikšmės:

  • pron kas?
  • koks?
  • kaip?
  • kiek?
  • what is it? kas tai?
  • what’s all this? kas čia yra/dedasi?
  • what are you doing? ką tu darai?
  • what is he? kas jis? (iš profesijos)
  • what’s his name? kuo jis vardu?
  • what use is it? kokia iš to nauda?
  • what do you think? ka
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