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Anglų lietuvių žodynas. Žodis world reiškia n  (įv. reikšm.) pasaulis;  pasaulis; a journey round the world kelionė aplink pasaulį; strange creatures from another world keistos būtybės iš kito pasaulio; from all parts of the world iš viso pasaulio; the biggest in the world didžiausias pasaulyje; in lietuviškai.

World tarimas:

  • /wə:ld/

World audio:

Žodžio paaiškinimas anglų kalba:

  • noun: The earth.
  • noun: The universe.
  • noun: The earth with its inhabitants.
  • noun: The inhabitants of the earth; the human race.
  • noun: Humankind considered as social beings; human society: turned her back on the world.
  • noun: People as a whole; the public: The event amazed the world.
  • noun: A specified part of the earth: the Western World.
  • noun: A part of the earth and its inhabitants as known at a given period in history: the ancient world.
  • noun: A realm or domain: the animal world; the world of imagination.
  • noun: A sphere of human activity or interest: the world of sports.
  • noun: A class or group of people with common characteristics or pursuits: the scientific world.
  • noun: A particular way of life: the world of the homeless.
  • noun: All that relates to or affects the life of a person: He saw his world collapse about him.
  • noun: Secular life and its concerns: a man of the world.
  • noun: Human existence; life: brought a child into the world.
  • noun: A state of existence: the next world.
  • noun: A large amount; much. Often used in the plural: did her a world of good; candidates that are worlds apart on foreign policy.
  • noun: A celestial body such as a planet: the possibility of life on other worlds.
  • adjective: Of or relating to the world: a world champion.
  • adjective: Involving or extending throughout the entire world: a world crisis.
  • idiom: for all the world In all respects; precisely: She looked for all the world like a movie star.
  • idiom: in the world Used as an intensive: How in the world did they manage? I never in the world would have guessed.
  • idiom: out of this world Informal Extraordinary; superb: The dinner was out of this world.
  • idiom: the world over Throughout the world: known the world over.
  • idiom: world without end Forever.

Lietuviškos reikšmės:

  • (įv. reikšm.) pasaulis
  • pasaulis
  • a journey round the world kelionė aplink pasaulį
  • strange creatures from another world keistos būtybės iš kito pasaulio
  • from all parts of the world iš viso pasaulio
  • the biggest in the world didžiausias pasaulyje
  • in
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