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Anglų lietuvių žodynas. Žodis long reiškia I1. a 1) ilgas; 2): fon. long vowel ilgas balsis; long syllable ilgas skiemuo; 2) lėtas; 3) ilgai trunkąs; to be long užtrukti; how long kaip ilgai, kiek laiko (apie trukmę);long dozen velnio tuzinas; long priceaukšta kaina; in the long run galų gale; lietuviškai.

Long tarimas:

  • /lɔɳ/

Long audio:

Žodžio paaiškinimas anglų kalba:

  • adjective: Extending or traveling a relatively great distance.
  • adjective: Having relatively great height; tall.
  • adjective: Having the greater length of two or the greatest length of several: the long edge of the door.
  • adjective: Of relatively great duration: a long time.
  • adjective: Of a specified linear extent or duration: a mile long; an hour long.
  • adjective: Made up of many members or items: a long shopping list.
  • adjective: Extending beyond an average or standard: a long game.
  • adjective: Extending or landing beyond a given boundary, limit, or goal: Her first serve was long.
  • adjective: Tediously protracted; lengthy: a long speech.
  • adjective: Concerned with distant issues; far-reaching: took a long view of the geopolitical issues.
  • adjective: Involving substantial chance; risky: long odds.
  • adjective: Having an abundance or excess of: "politicians whose résumés are long on competence” ( Margaret Garrard Warner).
  • adjective: Having a holding of a commodity or security in expectation of a rise in price: long on soybeans.
  • adjective: Linguistics Having a comparatively great duration. Used of a vowel or consonant.
  • adjective: Grammar Of, relating to, or being the English speech sounds (ā, ē, ī, ō, o͞o) that are tense vowels or diphthongs.
  • adjective: Stressed or accented. Used of a syllable in accentual prosody.
  • adjective: Being of relatively great duration. Used of a syllable in quantitative prosody.
  • adverb: During or for an extended period of time: The promotion was long due.
  • adverb: At or to a considerable distance; far: She walked long past the end of the trail.
  • adverb: Beyond a given boundary, limit, or goal: hit the return long.
  • adverb: For or throughout a specified period: They talked all night long.
  • adverb: At a point of time distant from that referred to: That event took place long before we were born.
  • adverb: Into or in a long position, as of a commodity market.
  • noun: A long time: This won't take long.
  • noun: Linguistics A long syllable, vowel, or consonant.
  • noun: One who acquires holdings in a security or commodity in expectation of a rise in price.
  • noun: A garment size for a tall person.
  • noun: Trousers extending to the feet or ankles.
  • idiom: any longer For more time: can't wait any longer.
  • idiom: before long Soon.
  • idiom: long ago At a time or during a period well before the present: I read that book long ago.
  • idiom: long ago A time well before the present: heroes of long ago.
  • idiom: long in the tooth Growing old.
  • idiom: no longer Not now as formerly: He no longer smokes.
  • idiom: not long for Unlikely to remain for much more time in: not long for this world.
  • idiom: the long and the short of it The substance or gist: You can look on the front page of the paper for the long and the short of it.
  • verb-intransitive: To have an earnest, heartfelt desire, especially for something beyond reach.

Lietuviškos reikšmės:

  • long vowel ilgas balsis
  • long syllable ilgas skiemuo
  • lėtas
  • ilgai trunkąs
  • to be long užtrukti
  • long dozen velnio tuzinas
  • long priceaukšta kaina
  • in the long run galų gale
  • ad
  • how long kaip ilgai
  • kiek laiko (apie trukmę)
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