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Anglų lietuvių žodynas. Žodis thick reiškia 1. a 1) storas, drūtas; stambus; 2) tirštas; tankus; 2. n tankmė; perk. tirštymė; įkarštis; in the thick of smth a) pačioje tirštymėje; b) pačiame įkarštyje; through thick and thin atkakliai, nepaisant visų kliūčių; 3. adv 1) tankiai, tirštai; 2) gausiai; lietuviškai.

Thick tarimas:

  • /θik/

Thick audio:

Žodžio paaiškinimas anglų kalba:

  • adjective: Relatively great in extent from one surface to the opposite, usually in the smallest solid dimension; not thin: a thick board.
  • adjective: Measuring a specified number of units in this dimension: two inches thick.
  • adjective: Heavy in form, build, or stature; thickset: a thick neck.
  • adjective: Having component parts in a close, crowded state or arrangement; dense: a thick forest.
  • adjective: Having or suggesting a heavy or viscous consistency: thick tomato sauce.
  • adjective: Having a great number; abounding: a room thick with flies.
  • adjective: Impenetrable by the eyes: a thick fog.
  • adjective: Not easy to hear or understand; indistinctly articulated: the thick speech of a drunkard.
  • adjective: Producing indistinctly articulated sounds: the thick tongues of barbarians.
  • adjective: Strongly apparent; conspicuous: a thick brogue.
  • adjective: Informal Lacking mental agility; stupid.
  • adjective: Informal Very friendly; intimate: thick friends.
  • adjective: Informal Going beyond what is tolerable; excessive.
  • adverb: In a thick manner; deeply or heavily: Seashells lay thick on the beach.
  • adverb: In a close, compact state or arrangement; densely: Dozens of braids hung thick from the back of her head.
  • adverb: So as to be thick; thickly: Slice the bread thick for the best French toast.
  • noun: The thickest part.
  • noun: The most active or intense part: in the thick of the fighting.
  • idiom: thick and thin Good and bad times: They remained friends through thick and thin.

Lietuviškos reikšmės:

  • stambus
  • tirštas
  • tankus
  • tankmė
  • tirštymė
  • įkarštis
  • in the thick of smth a) pačioje tirštymėje
  • pačiame įkarštyje
  • gausiai
  • adv
  • through thick and thin atkakliai
  • nepaisant visų kliūčių
  • storas
  • drūtas
  • tankiai
  • tirštai
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