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Through tarimas:

  • /θru:/ (thro) /θru:/ (thro') /θru:/

Through audio:

Žodžio paaiškinimas anglų kalba:

  • preposition: In one side and out the opposite or another side of: went through the tunnel.
  • preposition: Among or between; in the midst of: a walk through the flowers.
  • preposition: By way of: climbed in through the window.
  • preposition: By the means or agency of: bought the antique vase through a dealer.
  • preposition: Into and out of the handling, care, processing, modification, or consideration of: Her application went through our office. Run the figures through the computer.
  • preposition: Here and there in; around: a tour through France.
  • preposition: From the beginning to the end of: stayed up through the night.
  • preposition: At or to the end of; done or finished with, especially successfully: We are through the initial testing period.
  • preposition: Up to and including: a play that runs through December; a volume that covers A through D.
  • preposition: Past and without stopping for: drove through a red light.
  • preposition: Because of; on account of: She succeeded through hard work. He declined the honor through modesty.
  • adverb: From one end or side to another or an opposite end or side: opened the door and went through.
  • adverb: From beginning to end; completely: I read the article once through.
  • adverb: Throughout the whole extent or thickness; thoroughly: warmed the leftovers clear through; got soaked through in the rain; a letter that was shot through with the writer's personality.
  • adverb: Over the total distance; all the way: drove through to their final destination.
  • adverb: To a conclusion or an accomplishment: see a matter through.
  • adjective: Allowing continuous passage; unobstructed: a through street.
  • adjective: Affording transportation to a destination with few or no stops and no transfers: a through bus; a through ticket.
  • adjective: Continuing on a highway without exiting: through traffic; through lanes.
  • adjective: Passing or extending from one end, side, or surface to another: a through beam.
  • adjective: Having finished; at completion: She was through with the project.
  • adjective: Having no further concern, dealings, or connection: I'm through with him.
  • adjective: Having no more use, value, or potential; washed-up: That swimmer is through as an athlete.
  • adjective: Doomed to death or destruction.
  • idiom: through and through In every part; throughout: wet through and through.
  • idiom: through and through In every aspect; completely: a success through and through.

Lietuviškos reikšmės:

  • prep per
  • pro
  • kiaurai (džn. all through)
  • to walk through the forest eiti per mišką
  • through the window pro langą
  • through the night kiaurą naktį
  • all through the day kiaurą dieną
  • to go
  • to flash through one’s mind šmėkštelėti galvoje
  • ateiti į galvą
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